Sevarth maha kosh gpf slip corresponds to this website and the related homepage is a creation and the leading formation of the associated Maharashtra State Government. There are more than and over an employee 19 lakh employees of the Maharashtra-based and associated government. This website’s and the homepage’s goal is to digitally and web-oriented means to streamline the several government departments and agencies as well as the related groups that make up the state of and the entities based on the states of Maharashtra. There are five and a count the parts to this and the linked page and website, which work together and accumulate up with and in the form of and as a system to handle various duties and groupings. Among them and together with the associated means are payroll linkages, advances, and the basics, loans issued, DCPS, and the associating of the NPS, GPF Group-D linked, and Niwruttivetanwahini (pension). In addition and together with the means to these count of five modules connected, the mahakosh website and the linked web page controls mechanisms for the sole purpose of the budget estimation of the same, allocation linked, and monitoring to and for the sole reason to load and preserve the expenditures related and associated with the basis to salaries and pensions linkages.

Sevarth Maha kosh gpf slip associated :

  • First, you will have to visit the official and the professional websites i.e., and namely
  • The homepage will open and unclose on the platforms relating to your screen.
  • The login page and the connection will open and on the zones based on your screen.
  • Now, choose and you will have to select the appropriate user type and the variant, i.e., Employee issue Pensioner issue and also Department Login.
  • A new page and the resultant thing will open on your screen and the portal.
  • On the resultant issues of the same page, enter and you will have to input your User ID, Password linked, and the captcha code associated with the same.
  • When you are done with this, click and tap on the login button and alternative.
  • Now, click and tap on the GPF statement relating alternative and option.
  • Enter and then you will input the GPF details, etc.
  • Finally, you will have to tap and click on the Submit alternative and option.

Characteristics of Sevarth Maha kosh gpf slip

It makes and prepares the factors of the sevarth mahakosh gpf slip stubs for the employees and the services reachable and available.

It provides and serves the reach and access to more financial statements based on the formulation of the web oriented basis and online.

A straightforward dashboard with the significant serving and providing a summary of all financial and the monetary basis of the upcomings relating to the groupings and the  activities and transactions and the monetary count.


The Mahakosh Portal also referred to as the Maharashtra Sevarth Portal and the interface was established by the means of the associate of the Maharashtra government. Through the and by the means of the Sevarth site and Sevarth Maha kosh gpf slip, Maharashtra government and the relational employees have access and reach to a variety of financial and the monetary based advantage and perks, including and concerning the opportunity and the factors to monitor and download as well as transpose and pay stubs and employee based earnings. Users can and will have the ability to view the payroll module as well as a number of other home services and their own based facilities on the centres of the website and homepage.

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