Introduction :

Travis Kelce, a well-known tight-end footballer entitled over the origins of the United States of America, is very popular for his football as a profession. But his love life? People are way too curious for this turn. But it seems to be a much private fact of his life. Maybe now, he loves to keep it private. 

Kelce’s love life :

Well, his romantic relationships are way too delightful. Travis Kelce Girlfriend Sources say, earlier he was bound and was in a romantic love relationship with Kayla Nicole. She followed the profession of a model. This just happened between the time spans of the specific period concerning the particular year range between 2014 up till 2019. He just has a dramatic, mad and bombastic love connection with her. Together they were for a total of five years. 

Kelce just earlier practised to be a flirtatious man and this attitude implied with her. He used to stalk her over Instagram and used to like her personas that she earnestly uploaded on the said social media platform.Later on, she noticed him sliding and rolling over her DM’s. They had their break up in the particular year of 2020.

But layer on they missed each other and again tried to resolve the issues and be together for the rest of their lives, but somehow it didn’t work out and they again didn’t end up together and put an end to their love life in the previous particular year. 

Relationship with Kate Upton :

After their alleged break up, rumours started swinging and clinging all around that there could be some probable and possible matches or probability of love matches between the public figure and Kate Upton. She typically follows the profession of an actress. Currently, there aren’t any official allabys or reports standing in support of this rumour and is not confirmed. 

Relationship with Taylor Swift :

When the sector comes on to the NFL oriented player , there also occurs a thrilling sensation which was on top notch discussion , his rumoured relationship with Taylor Swift that was twirling over the media. Though there isn’t any sort of confirmation from either side. Sources say they have been hanging out in private for quite a long period of time now. In the past particular month of July, he said he wanted some face time with Swift in one of her concerts which he was unable to do. 

Current status :

Earlier, this year in the month of January, he stated that he is single and is currently not in a relationship with anyone. Also, he is not married, or there isn’t any existing speculation addressed by him regarding the same. He himself said the following sentence in the The Pivot Podcast. But again, when he said so, there were flying rumours around about his probable match with Megan Thee Stallion. She typically follows the profession of a rapper. These are all just rumours made by people. 


Throughout, we came to know that according to Travis, he currently isn’t seeing anyone now nor is he with someone. But he had a relationship which continued for a time span of a long period of five years with the model Kayla Nicole, which later they broke up recently for the good.