If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that it’s impossible to resist ordering hot and crispy McDonalds French fries whenever you’re under the Golden Arches. They’re crunchy on the outside and have a light and fluffy texture on the inside – and when you get a hot and fresh batch, you’ll feel like you’ve won the French fry lottery. If you want your to give reviews to your favorite McDo fries then give it on Mcdolistens website. 

But did you know that McDonalds French fries aren’t made just from potatoes? They are actually made of about 10 or more different materials.

What is in McDonalds’s French Fries?

 Ten ingredients definitely seems like a lot for a simple French fry. But there are good reasons why McDonald’s uses each of these ingredients in its fries. And for all the naysayers, no McDonalds fries are fries shaped like chemical potato mush. Instead, they are made from potatoes, vegetable oil (which includes canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, and natural beef flavoring along with wheat and milk derivatives), dextrose, sodium acid pyrophosphate, and salt.

McDonalds fries go through a lengthy process that requires each ingredient to be seasoned to give them the taste we know and love.

How are McDonald’s French Fries?

If you think the ingredient list is long, wait until you find out how long the process is to turn potatoes into hot and crispy French fries. “Our Food. Your Questions” at McDonald’s.

They start out as potatoes that are harvested and taken to the factory. Supplier peels, blanchs and cuts fries with a knife.

Next, the fries are coated with an “ingredient dip”, which ensures uniformity in color and flavor (this is why every McDonald’s fry tastes the same, no matter which restaurant you’re eating at). They add dextrose and nitrogenous acid pyrogens.

Then, the fries are dried and partially fried. Frying the potatoes for the first time gives them their crisp outer covering (the rest of the frying is then done in restaurants). This is why you may see some people claiming that McDonald’s fries contain more than 10 ingredients – because the potatoes are double-fried.

The partially fried fries are then frozen and delivered to your nearest McDonald’s restaurant, where they are fried fresh to order and fully salted for your enjoyment.


French fries go through such a long process, so can we still say that French fries are made only from potatoes? So, no, McDonald’s fries aren’t totally potatoes, but we still like them just as much, especially when these are served with ketchup and coke.