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TreeDots Founders and Their Vision

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Jiacai Lau, a graduate of the National University of Singapore with a diploma in enterprise management, serves as the CEO of TreeDots. His a hit heritage, together with his function as a representative at McKinsey & Company, underpins his capability to guide a groundbreaking initiative. Nicholas Lim, TreeDots’ COO, graduated in economics from the identical organization. His revel in as a trader at a commodity buying and selling corporation ready him with insights into the inefficiencies of the food deliver chain. Tylor Jong, the employer’s CFO, brings his computer technology degree to the table, alongside his preceding stint as a software program engineer at a tech startup. 

TreeDots: Revolutionizing Food Waste Reduction in Asia

TreeDots, a pioneering social agency, became set up in 2017 with a visionary task to fight the pressing difficulty of food waste in Asia. Founded via Jiacai Lau, Nicholas Lim, and Tylor Jong, the business enterprise has unexpectedly grown into a local pressure for advantageous change. This article delves into the story of TreeDots inception, its founders’ motivations, the agency’s great increase, and the impactful contributions it has made in the direction of lowering meals waste.

Genesis of TreeDots

Nicholas Lim’s pivotal revelation at a commodity trading organization uncovered him to the monstrous scale of meals waste in the delivery chain. Fueled by this revelation, he conceptualized a platform that could bridge the space between businesses with unsold inventory and capability shoppers. Recognizing the ability for era to revolutionize the manner food distribution works, he shared his idea with co-founders Jiacai and Tylor. 

Mission and Impact

TreeDots’ center project revolves around connecting companies with surplus meals to purchasers who can benefit from it, thereby lowering food waste. The corporation’s dedication to this challenge is reflected in its speedy growth and growth throughout multiple nations, together with Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. With an amazing redistribution of over 1 million kilograms of food, TreeDots has tangibly proven its impact on reducing food waste and fostering a greater sustainable destiny.

Recognition and Awards

The commitment and innovation established by way of TreeDots have now not long gone left out. The corporation has garnered prestigious awards, which include the DBS Foundation Grant Award and the Singapore Environment Council’s Green and Social Enterprise Award. These accolades now not handiest spotlight the agency’s first-rate achievements however additionally offer similarly validation of the importance of its undertaking.

TreeDots’ Approach to Food Waste

TreeDots’ approach includes leveraging technology to deal with the complex problem of meal waste. By growing a platform that connects corporations with excess inventory to ability customers, the organization correctly tackles inefficiencies in the meals supply chain. This technique no longer most effectively reduces waste but also contributes to food security, financial efficiency, and environmental conservation.

The Power of Collaboration

In addition to its founders, TreeDots boasts a passionate and professional team of personnel dedicated to the motive of meal waste discount. Their collective efforts underscore the organization’s dedication to creating an extra sustainable planet and leaving a lasting tremendous impact on society. TreeDots’ success serves as a reminder of the energy of collaboration and collective willpower in achieving meaningful alternatives.


TreeDots’ founders, Jiacai Lau, Nicholas Lim, and Tylor Jong, have harnessed their skills and ardor to tackle the ambitious issue of food waste in Asia. Their story exemplifies the potential for technology to convert traditional industries and lead them to be more sustainable. TreeDots’ adventure from a concept to a thriving social enterprise underscores the impact that devoted people could have when they channel their efforts towards a noble purpose.

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